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Chapter 6: No!...It Can't Be!Edit

It all happened so fast,I didn't have time to react to the puppet's attack.I honestly believed that Anri was done for. But there was Orsoka again,right on time to stop it.The puppet moved back to retreat after it took a kick in the face from her. It stared at her up and's claws extended to almost a Kusanagi blade length.I grew worried for Orsoka."Lenalee,take Anri outta here,we'll take care of Sebastian!" Lenalee,with no hesitation,fled holding Anri by the hand.I took out my Beretta,"You take him on with close combat," I said,"I got him from here."

Orsoka nodded and quickly darted for the puppet.It was life sized and stood at about 5'0" and Orsoka was barely 5'3".It must've felt like fighting a human.The Sebastian puppet had began to raise it's claws towards Orsoka as she ran at it,she leaped over them,balanced herself on it's arm and kicked off it's head...BLOOD squirted out of it's neck,which made me raise an eyebrow. Orsoka stared down at the puppet and gasped."Mike...",she managed to cry out.."This puppet was....alive...look." I walked over for a closer's body was made of plastic alright...but...blood...actual blood was oozing out of it's neck.I raised the body and shined my flashlight to look inside.There were bones too...a pumping heart,organs of every human's requirement to live was inside this thing...just...WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS THING?!!

Suddenly,before I could even react,the puppet's arms moved up and slashed at my left arm...I darted back to evade it.As I grabbed my arm,I felt a deep ass gash.*FUCK*,I thought to myself.Headless it blew by Orsoka,slashed her in her stomach,and darted for me again."Orsoka!!,"I cried,I raised my Beretta and fired at it's chest,it blew open,blood flying it fell something else flew out of it...a pen...Lenalee's pen.It had Sailor Moon designs on it...and her initials.

The only thing that got me was,what the hell was it doing inside of the puppet.I opened the cap and a tiny piece of paper flew out.Holding her stomach,Orsoka leaned over to pick it up."My dear master...I shall fulfill your wishes by making sure everyone who've wronged you,pays with their lives...",She read."Wait," I added,"Sebastian is only programmed to address it's owner as 'Master'... Followed by the list it marked off all of the people that were murdered...and Anri's name had the words 'In progress' written next to it.

We ran out of the room to find the girls.*No..*,I thought,*It can't be...* We were too late,there was Anri lying a bloody mess in the sign of Lenalee...I dropped to my knees and held my headthis wasn't happening."Lenalee!" I heard Orsoka say,"What happened?!" Lenalee had tears rolling down her eyes...she grabbed a piece of paper and wrote something down.She gave it to us,it read:'I just wanted to be happy...WE WERE ALL SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPY...but I guess I could never please you Oni-Chan... We heard Anri coughing,she was still alive.She sat up and looked over at us..when she saw Lenalee,her eyes went bloodshot..."GUYS,GET AWAY FROM HER!! SOMETHINGS WRONG HERE!! GET AWA--" A butcher knife went through her neck. Behind her was Lenalee,but it didn't look much like her at all...she had blood all over her,and the most wicked grin I never saw her sport before... Then she began walking towards us... Lenalee was without a doubt...the murderer.

Chapter 7: The Killing JokeEdit

N-no..Lenalee? It couldn't be...she was with us the whole time...this makes no goddamn sense.Surely someone's messing with us...more importantly,she was darting right at us."Shit,Orsoka--",she was already one step ahead of me she flipped and kicked Lenalee in the back of her head,sending her face first into the wall.

"LENALEE!!",I screamed

" Mike,shoot her!"

I looked at Orsoka. Had she lost her goddamn mind?!I shook my head."What the fuck are you thinking?! That's LENALEE,Orsoka,we can't just kill her!"Tears fell down Orsoka's teal eyes,"Don't you think I know that,genius?!"Lenalee had molded into the wall,she finally pulled herself out and ran at Mike."MIKE! JUST TRUST ME!!"I exhaled,raised my Beretta and shot Lenalee right through the dome Blood squirted all over my face,her knife was only inches from cutting my throat...I stared at Lenalee as she hit the ground.I didn't know how to respond.

"Get over yourself man,that's not even her." Orsoka said. "Huh?" Suddenly Lenalee's corpse had turned into Sebastian..."It used a decoy to fool us.That puppet we fought in Anri's room was a mere hallucination.The real Sebastian came out here to finish the job.Meaning the real Lenalee is being kept somewhere."

I blinked with confusion, "Damn,how did you figure all of that out?" She smirked, "Because,there's no hope for you two!" "What?" Suddenly standing before Suddenly standing before me...was Sebastian!! And next to me was Orsoka lying on the floor unconscious...only...this Sebastian looked much different,he wore a white suit...completely parallel to the puppet's usual black one.His pale puppet skin was as white as the suit,jet-black hair...his voice-box was fixed...and to top it off,his Suit had a black marking:'The Silent' on it.Sebastian walked up to me.He looked as if he grew a bit,because he was much taller ..I'm 5'11",so he had to be at least 6'5"..."Greetings,Mike Hatchet,friend and care taker of my owner,Lenalee Yamanaka.

"What do you want?"

"I want you and your meddling girlfriend to keep to yourselves,but out of Lenalee's wishes.She doesn't need you anymore."

I shook my head, "You're wrong you plastic son of a bitch!! She'd never wish death on anyone!! How would you know? You're just a plastic mold!"

Sebastian cracked a wide disturbing smile, "How would you know? Has she spoken to you? *Sarcastic gasp* Oh I'm sorry, I keep forgetting." I darted towards him. "YOU BASTARD!!" His fingers retracted and went through my abdomen, "Aaaaagghh!!" Sebastian put a finger on my lips, "Shhhhh,everyone's asleep...have you no manners?"

I bit his finger..."YOWWWWW SONUVA BITCH! MIKE!!" I woke up with a slap to my face. "Ahhh,what the fuck was that for?!" Looking up, I saw Anri, alive and well, Orsoka and....LENALEE. What the hell was going on here?

"It's okay," Said Orsoka trying to shake the pain outta her finger," We were all trapped in a hallucination. None of that was real. I looked into Keiko Tomodachi's room,her corpse is still doubt that was real. I kept shaking my head,my mind was officially fucked for life...I heard footsteps... and it sounded like a lot of em'. I held my head, but the girls reacted as well, soon the room was lit up and we saw the most trippy shit yet... standing there was Rika Suzuki, Samantha Collins...and Kang Nara!! Their skin was all gangrenous and dark. We all gasped, "How are they alive?!," Anri Screamed.

"They're not.", a strange,but familiar voice stated. My heart jumped as the Foster home director Misako Katsu was now standing in front of The Silent's(Sebastian's) revived pack.... "They're now Lenalee Yamanaka's loyal puppets...just like Sebastian." We turned and looked at Lenalee,she had her head down. We all eyed her,completely frightened... Sebastian was right... She gave us all a regretful look, handed me a note, the other two gathered near me to read: "I'm sorry...forgive me for deceiving you all...I'm responsible for everyone's murder...and this." ....we stopped,'and this?'what could tha-- All of a sudden, Anri was stabbed in the gut, her body collapsing just seconds later. Everything happened so fast that me and Orsoka had just now noticed that Lenalee had out a butcher knife covered in blood.. Anri's blood..THAT WAS REAL. "ANRI!!!",Me and Orsoka had cried out.

Lenalee began walking to Katsu and the corpse puppet's side of the hall,I ran up and grabbed her, "Lenalee,what the fuck has gotten into you?!!" She turned around,got on her tippy toes and kissed me full on my lips. After she stopped,she gave me a wicked smile... the same one Sebastian had used when he took form of her... Mr.Katsu had grinned,"This is only the beginning...we'll nurture all victims to strength...there's only one way of dealing with pests...and that is..SILENT TORTURE!"

Chapter 8: The White LocustEdit

Mr.Katsu walked towards us. "The end is near children.You all still have no idea why you're here,do you?" We stood there in silence. A wide grin spread across his face,the short man leaned in before he spoke,"You kids will make a decent meal..." My heart skipped a beat.I had a hunch on where this was going. Anri cried out,"Wh-what? A meal t-...t whom?" Mr.Katsu just stood there in silence,as we were.He licked his lips hungrily,then took his attention to Anri..."Appetizer...",he looked at me,"Side dish...",then finally at Orsoka,"Main course..." Holy shit,we had to get outta here and fast...but with Lenalee,Sebastian,and corpse puppets on Katsu's side,how on earth were we gonna escape.

Katsu looked at us one by one.Then stared over at Orsoka. "You ever wonder what really happened to your parents,Ms. Himeji?" Orsoka glared maliciously at the old man,but didn't utter a word. He chuckled and turned to Lenalee,"Ms. Yamanaka? Care explaining?" Lenalee looked up and nodded.The three of us gasped. "What the hell are you talking about old man?!",I shouted.

Katsu just grinned as Lenalee walked up closer to us. Next to her was...Sebastian!

Only...he looked the same as he did when we first encountered him...

he was all white with red hair.His voice box was fixed, a lot like from my hallucination. "'re parents,much like mine,couldn't take care of you.The second you were born,they brought you here.From what Mr.Katsu told couldn't manage to open your eyes.Which is why you never truly met them...Katsu...made a meal outta them that same day..." The voice startled us. It sounded like an emotionally disturbed took us only a few seconds to know who's it was. "Le-Lenalee?" I called out to her.

"This is me,Mike.The Silent (Sebastian) transmits my thoughts aloud.Technically I can speak now.Isn't that great?!" She walked up to me and gave me a hug. "I can finally tell you how I feel about you...",She said, "Ever since I got used to being here,my feelings grew and grew, Mike. I love you and Orsoka so much for being there for me...please... just give in. We can all be together forever if you just give in..." She glared at Anri... "Pity,I didn't think you would survive this long... after what you did.Do you really think I forgave you? Friends don't abandon each other!! No matter what?! If you really loved me,you would have stopped Rika in her tracks. But instead,you cowardly did what she wanted. Mike and Orsoka ended up saving me!! They cared!! They came to my rescue!! They went through hell,JUST to keep me happy!! And you know what?!! It worked.So the least I could do for them was to return the favor..."

She moved away from my arms and looked over at the standing corpse puppets,"Kang Nara: A sexually confused boy who was abused and raped by his own father, Had a crush on me,but could only get my attention through harassment. Hurt me emotionally,putting Mike under so much stress... Rika Suzuki: A pretty,but extremely aggressive young lady. Jealous whenever attention drifted away from her.Her parents spoiled her until they went bankrupt. They dumped her off here and never looked back. She beat up any pretty girl that came her way. If one girl was prettier or even had a feature that she believed that she flawed in,she would take care of that. She had a crush on Kang and focussed on me... beating me and taking away my innocence in the girls washroom... sorry I never mentioned that. Orsoka came to my rescue that day and vowed to keep that between us two... Samantha Collins: Always made great dishes as a kid,never ceased to amaze her family and peers... until one day,a person grew sick from a allergic reaction to her cooking... Samantha grew angry and cut the person up.Making the victim into a roast.She had her eyes set on me when I coughed eating her food...not only was I allergic...I could taste something odd about that meat... whenever I didn't eat a dish,she wouldn't let me leave the dining room until I did... allergic or not. Mike and Orsoka would come to my rescue.But Samantha always filed a complaint and had them go days without was my fault. I had to repay them...and why not take the lives of the people who hurt my loved ones?!!"

We stood in absolute silence. Lenalee walked up, I held her in my arms again. She stood on her tippy toes and kissed me again."Be mine,Michael...I want you to be with me through all eternity."

I came back to my senses. I slapped Lenalee as hard as I could. "Why? Why go through all this?! Me and Orsoka helped you because we wanted to...not so where you think you owe us!! You fucking sold your soul to this creepy,old,perverted,cannibalistic psychopath? Lenalee,this isn't you.There were other ways to deal with those situations...killing your NOT THE SOLUTION!!"

Everyone was in shock,I had never struck Lenalee in my life,and honestly...

I felt nothing of it. " have to be killed!!" I pulled out my baretta,Orsoka took a fighting stance,and Anri grabbed a sheath and drew a Katana. Lenalee stared at all of us...heartbroken..."M-Mike? Orsoka..?" She stood up...."WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???!!!!" Red aura formed around her,shaking the entire building. Soon after...everything calmed down.We froze in horror as Lenalee...didn't look much the same anymore...she wore a white cloaky dress...white hair...white skin...RED eyes.She gave us a grin..her teeth were sharp and pointy.

Mr.Katsu grinned to himself." This,my dear children is the White Locust.She'll be joining me for dinner." The corpse puppets darted at us,I shot two of them as Anri helped by slicing them in two.Orsoka snapped the neck of Kang as I followed up by kicking his head off. Lenalee grinned,"You sure made quick work of them...but it's the Silent's turn...he may be my only other source of communication...but I doubt he'll fail." The Silent was so fast we didn't even look back in time to hear Anri screaming...

Chapter 9: The Yokai From HellEdit

Anri's screams echoed throughout the entire hallway. He whirled around to see The Silent with Anri's sword impaled in it's head. That wasn't anything good though,blood squirted out of his head,but continued to claw at her. Anri was holding him back with her sword,I could tell she couldn't hold any longer.

"Orsoka!!", I yelled. Orsoka ran to aid Anri. I thought I heard the puppet sneer as he lifted his right claw and stabbed Orsoka in the stomach. "ORSOKA!!", Anri screamed. Orsoka stood her ground and worked her way towards The Silent's head,impaling herself deeper through the puppet's right arm. I was a disturbing sight, but I knew I had to focus on putting an end to Lenalee...this girl was put through so much pain and sorrow...some of which I hadn't even been aware of. It was my fault for neglecting these heavy situations. The only way to fix it,was to put the girl I loved and cared for...out of her misery. Lenalee must have known what was going on in my head, because she had The Silent project her thoughts again."You've hurt poor Lenalee long enough. I shall see to it that she ends you all."

(That was the White Locust), I thought.

I raised my Beretta and aimed directly at Lenalee's head...I looked her in the eyes...she's so beautiful.Her hair,long and white with black flowers on both sides...her eyes had turned from bright red to a blue color.Black outlined around her eyes and dead skin laid red under the bags of her eyes. Her life was being put to waste by pain and hatred. My arm began to shake. "Only you can stop her Hatchet!!", Yelled Mr. Katsu,"Though, I doubt you will." He pulled out a book marked "Hellfire" on it's cover. My attention was on him now. He smiled wickedly as I felt the air of something swing toward me. I jumped back as I saw white energy destroy the very spot where I was standing. Lenalee looked very upset, her hand was spread out. No shit,that it came from her. "Mike...taking your gaze off of me will not help you achieve anything." She was right, I had to stay focused. I started shooting at her legs...she took flight and darted at me. Realizing that despite her powers and whatnot, she was still a little girl. I kicked her in the head with all my might and shot her in the back. She was sent into a nearby wall. I heard some heard chant and looked up at Mr. Katsu. He was preaching in some language I had never heard in my life...whatever it was...Lenalee was stepping out of the destroyed wall...she turned around to show me no sign of a bullet wound...what the fuck was this?

Katsu continued praying in this language. Gates began to raise throughout the hall...the ceiling was fact...this wasn't even a foster home anymore. If I had to guess...this was the gateway to Hell. "I WILL GET MY MEAL,EVEN IF I HAVE TO SEND US TO HELL ITSELF!!" Katsu's teeth began to retract into fangs. His body grew in weight. He grew a turtle shell,his skin turned green. Suddenly our rocky,cold floor turn wet...soon my knees were getting wet too...I looked down and realized that we were standing in a River...Mr. Katsu was a Yokai called...a Kappa...

Shit...had read all about them in Japanese folklore books.The kappa is typically depicted as roughly humanoid in form and about the size of a child. Its scaly reptilian skin ranges in color from green to yellow or blue. Kappa supposedly inhabit the ponds and rivers of Japan,(Not Hell),and have various features to aid them in this environment, such as webbed hands and feet.They are sometimes said to smell like fish and they can swim like them. Seeing one was strange enough...but after talking to Death and watching my best friend get impaled by a humanoid puppet with the ability to control sound and project didn't phase me...but what did...was that this Kappa was associated with Satanism...

I took my Beretta and charged at Lenalee...I suddenly noticed that Mr. Katsu was gone...Kappa fact # 1: Kappa are usually seen as mischievous troublemakers or trickster figures. Their pranks range from the relatively innocent, such as loudly passing gas or looking up women's kimonos, to the malevolent, such as drowning people and animals, kidnapping children, and raping women...I aimed directly at the water...I stared intently into it... Katsu grabbed my leg and pulled me below...I shot mercifully at him over and over...then I realized that my bullets were made from Steel and not Iron,(One of the Kappa's weaknesses),I began losing air quickly... I was shit outta luck. Suddenly Katsu released my foot. He began screaming and covering his eyes. I saw Anri in front of him...Anri in hand had a shaker of ginger, (Another weakness). She must have left Orsoka to handle The Silent. She took her Katana,still covered in The Silent's blood,shook ginger on it,and stabbed Katsu The Kappa through the heart...

Anri grabbed me and swam up to the surface.I gasped for air...I saw Orsoka on the ground...The Silent was still standing however. Anri ran to Orsoka,"I'll heal her wound! Mike! The Silent is Lenalee's only source to communicate with us!! The head is all she needs.Get rid of it's body!!" I didn't even ask how Anri was gonna 'heal Orsoka'...something just snapped inside my brain as I faced off with The Silent. Lenalee smiled as she watched...

Chapter 10: The Legend Of Silent TortureEdit

"Show me Silence and I will make it scream. Enjoy my muse, because this is my dream" - Silence Screamz

The Silent made the first move. It extended it's claws and sliced for my torso. I darted out of it's reach and began firing my Beretta. The bullets simply just ricocheted off of it's plastic,splintery skin. (Dammit!), I exclaimed to myself, (guns aren't gonna finish im'.) I set down my gun and stood up straight. Lenalee was in midair watching me brawl with her Christmas gift from me. She grinned maliciously at the sight of it. Seeing her like that tore me apart.

I took care of Lenalee like a little sister, I stood up for her when she couldn't...I thought she was strong...but in the end...vengeance corrupted her sweet innocent little heart. I was enraged, I couldn't stand any of this anymore. Without really reacting quickly, I caught a blade that appeared to be darting at me. I turned to see Anri with a determined look on her face."Mike!! You're gonna have to use that Katana to take it out! Bullets only had such a limited effect on that thing. You basically turned the Puppet into a bullet masochist. That blade is sure to do damage,though. Give it a shot!!" Before I could move, I felt something sharp nick my arm. "AGH,FUCK!!",I swore. The Puppet had planted a huge gash on my right arm. How was I going to raise a sword against it, if I couldn't use my arm?! The Puppet inched foward and kicked me into the water. "MIKE!!!", I heard Anri cry out. I heard Lenalee's thoughts being transmitted through The Silent again...was she laughing? If so,that'd be a was...cackling...something you'd never expect.

I blacked out...

"Mike! Mike,wake up!" I woke up to a 9 in a half year old Orsoka and a 7 in a half year old Lenalee sitting next to me in my bed. (I remembered this day instantly...) "Oh man. What's up you two?", I yawned as I sat up to face them. "Ugh,frickin' Mikey! Don't tell me you've forgotten! We're drawing names for Secret Santa today! Up and at em'!" She grabbed a pillow and started hitting me. Lenalee grabbed another pillow and followed suit. Later that day, we drew names with a few other kids, I got Lenalee, Orsoka had Kang, Kang had Anri, Anri had Rika, and she had me, Lenalee felt she'd be no use to get anyone anything due to her muteness. Kang seemed discouraged that day. I asked him what was wrong. "*D-d-don't tell anyone this but...I-I wanted to get Lenalee something!*" His eyes were watery. This kid was seriously about to cry. All I've ever seen him do was tease her...but at this moment...I believe I was looking at little Kang Nara's true colors."Now,Kang. Just because someone else has her for secret Santa,doesn't mean you can't get her a gift." He looked up at me,"Really?" I nodded my head and patted his head,(I remember this well...he was so fucking puny.) Days went by...soon I had to buy something for Lenalee. She had a love for dolls and puppets, and funny thing about that...there just so happened to be a store like that in town...I went with a chaperone to get it. Sebastian The Talking Butler was the hottest thing out at the time. There were some still in of them caught my eye...a faint glow drew me near it. I dunno why,but I just had to buy it. My memory skipped was Christmas Day. Everyone had opened their gifts. Soon, it was Lenalee's turn. In Secret Santa, the person you bought a gift for ends up knowing you're the culprit.

Suddenly I hear Kang cry out,"I'll be right back!!" My point of view at moment switched to his, the second he left the room. Kang had an eager look on his face. "She's gonna love this! I know she will. And I made this all by myself!" He came out his room with a gothic lolita was spectacular. He giggled to himself as he jotted down the stairs. Lenalee had opened Sebastian and was amazed by the sight of him...she gave a big cheesy smile and jumped in my arms. Now I was back in my point of view, I looked over at Kang...he looked a little threatened. He had the doll in a box,wrapped nicely. I saw him wince when Lenalee kissed me on the cheek. After she was done joying over her gift, Kang took action. He held out his gift to her...Lenalee looked mesmerized...we all did! Rika stood in between them."Not this time, squirt. I think even Lenalee has had enough pies in the face for one year."

Everyone brought their attention to him... Kids were pointing and gawking,"The badass is at it again.", "Give it up, Nara. Can't it wait til' AFTER Christmas?" Foster workers took his gift and threw it out...without even checking the box. I finally saw it...I didn't see it then...but I did now... no one believed him...they didn't know what really went through his mind. They didn't know how he truly felt about Lenalee. He had been in love with her since he first laid eyes on her. He was pressured into picking on Lenalee...he didn't want to be ridiculed for liking a girl. No one supported him.

Kang...I'm sorry I wasn't there for you...I could have been helpful...and you wouldn't be dead...

I was snapped back to reality as I woke up underwater. Gasping for air, I noticed that something was pushing me upward. Soon enough, I was at the surface. Next to me floated...THE CORPSE OF KANG NARA!! "HOW?!, I saw Orsoka snap your fucking neck!!", I cried. He grinned,"Katsu gave me a resolve. If I can get Lenalee...I can die peacefully...but I need you to help me." He gestured towards my Beretta on the dry ground. Without even thinking, I knew what had to be done. The Silent Darted at us as we reached the surface.Suddenly, Orsoka jumped in front of it,and drove her arms through it's body. Then, with a heaving cry, she out-stretched her arms...ripping The Silent it half, Anri grabbed a scythe and sliced up The Puppet's legs. I finally remembered why I was holding Anri's Katana. I took aim,and drove it in The Silent's chest.

With nothing to transmit her thoughts, Lenalee couldn't do anything... She floated done to examine her plastic friend's severed body. At this point, she knew she was cornered. Anri,Orsoka,Kang,and I were all ready to strike. She grinned and summoned white spikes from the ground. We jumped from them. Anri grabbed these aura colored bands and threw them at Lenalee. When they latched on her, they gave off a burning sensation...Lenalee dropped to her knees and began shuddering from the pain. Anri nodded. You're standing here as a corpse, Kang. Meaning you have a resolve to full fill. You and Mike do what needs to be done. Kang approaches and kneels down with Lenalee. Suddenly...we heard a voice...Lenalee's voice..."I saw it...I saw everything when Mike blacked out...I saw how you were treated...the way people judged you for having a crush on a girl...I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused. Because...I DID TOO!! I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE AROUND YOU...THEN...I LET RIKA SCARE ME INTO FEARING YOU!! " Suddenly...Lenalee's White Locust form disappeared...Lenalee was...looking a lot like Lenalee again. She began breaking down in his arms.

"LENALEE!! YOU'RE TALKING!!", we exclaimed with our eyes full of tears. Lenalee smiled,"I love you all..I'm so happy that I had people to love me...I know that I--" She glanced at the Silents decapitated head and began muttering to herself. "It touched touched me..." Kang began shuddering as he hugged her. "Mike,do it!" "Gotcha!!", Without hesitation,I took aim...even though Lenalee was back to normal...but it had to be done. "IT KEPT STARING AT ME!! No matter how much it would move around, it never made a sound!! Day after day after day after day!!!" Me,Orsoka,and Anri began panicking. "I'LL SHOW YOU THE TRUTH,BUT PLEASE, YOU MUST RELIEVE HER OF HER PAIN!!!" I fire a shot a the back of Lenalee's neck...we crowded around her body. She rose back up,as a corpse. She hugged us. Those gates to hell opened up. She took Kang's hand,they shared a passionate kiss,then made her way through the gates of hell...she glanced back at us with a peaceful smile on her face. Later, Kang took us to Lenalee's room and forced open a chest. In it, was a journal...(If you guys were wondering what she was babbling about, here it comes.)

Sebastian,The Puppet,The Silent, whatever the hell you want to call that thing...did more than just mock her for her muteness. It mocked her only pet peeve. She hated herself for being toyed with by a inanimate object...though in wasn't. She wrote that The Silent's messages drove her into hating noise. She began destroying anything that made a sound. Sadly, the thing she hated the most...never did. Kang went his separate ways by ascending into heaven...that was the last we heard of him...

17 years passed, the three of us ran the Foster home.It was renamed The Lenalee Yamanaka's Foster Care Center. Orsoka and I had married, our kids help us keep things in order. Anri ran the medical offices in the buildings. Things have been well managed ever since. One day I learned that Lenalee's parents had died in the line of duty around the same events of the Silent Torture movement...Anri insists that the kids should learn about these tragic events. To spook them into never taking the actions that Lenalee did.

A few months later, this couple,who looked like they were from the marines, brought in a little girl...she was short with long black hair, a red barrette was in her hair. She had on a black jacket and a red scarf...she wore the most beautiful smile I had seen in years...


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