Some basic rules to follow:

1. Don't post anything that is clearly not creepypasta. We might be a pretty lenient bunch of admins (despite the grammar Nazi in our ranks), but we still have to make sure our site is being used for its intended purpose. Please, don't add anything random like a story about an elephant cooking burritos made from steel and unicorn farts.

2. Keep the hate and sex talk out of our forums and chatroom. Yes, we know we're all that jazz and the magic banana, but really, no one wants to see this. You either look desperate or douchey when you post things like this. Play nice and keep the Bad Touch to private messaging.

3. If you have questions or requests, ask the admins or the founder. Don't complain. There is nothing more annoying than a whiny brat. If you're old enough to read, you're old enough to ask about something you either don't understand or want on the site. Do not complain. It's just buttmunch-ish.

4. No Trolling, Yes This is very important in this wikia, if you spot a troll hanging around, then REPORT A ADMIN OR FOUNDER NOW!