It has be a long since I play Pokémon. I started doing random stuffs that I have to do in school and what not. I went to eBay to find a Pokémon game to play in my Gameboy color. I found a copy of Pokémon red version. It said it was for free.

I order it. It said it was going to take 2 weeks to get it.  After 2 weeks, I was excited to play Pokémon. Once the game come in the mail box, I put the game in the Gameboy color and play it. Everything was normal but there were no sound.

It was fun to see who play the game last time. I went the save file. First I spawn in a hallway. I walk around for 5 minutes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I got bored so I went to my Pokémon. There were 6 Pokémon I had. There were Unknowns. They spell out, Die Now. 

I walk in the Hallway and flew like it was going to take forever but then I saw White Pokémon trainers and I can’t talk to them or battle.

Then I saw ash with a knife. I talk to ash and he said “ I love my Mommy “

I try to battle him and it work. The Pokémon I had was Mewtwo.  I use quick attack. Then the game froze.

Once the game was working, it show a picture of ash dead. Then a textbox appear. It said “ You kill Ash! “

I went to the garage can and flew my game away.