There was one night about a teenage girl ordering pizza hut because you can have free pizza for one hour. Once the pizza delivery come, he said: "Can i be in your house for a little?"

The girl said "yes" then the delivery person went to the bathroom. A few mins later, she open and saw him dead. after she eat the pizza in the box, she said the manner in pizza hut ( with blood coming from his eyes )

she called 911

Police: 911 whats going on?

teenage girl: I see a man staring at me....

Police: what does he look like?

Teenage girl: is he skinny, wears a pizza delivery suit, and blood coming from his eyes.

Police: We are sending the police.

Teenage girl: Ok...

Police: what is the man doing now?

Teenage girl: he's behind my car.

Police: go to the bathroom and lock the door NOW

Teenage girl: ok

Window breaks

Teenage girl Sceams

Police: are you all right?

Teenage girl: yes

Police: what is the man doing?

Teenage girl: he just wants to hangout.

Manner: she's fine

Police: Who are you?

Manner: I will be coming to your Brother Tom

Police: how do you know my brother? How do you know my brother's name?

Phone hangs up

Police: oh god.............

That's all i got from the video. But don't order any pizza from pizza hut if they say it's free