I was a big minecraft fan like anyone else. I was watching youtube videos of minecraft for a year, to decide whether or not to get minecraft for my self . My parents only's think i should play minecraft rather than watching minecraft videos. I look up " Minecraft for free "

I was bored so i went to the last website that was showed. It said that the only one that was for new people to join for free was this specific site.

So I signed up on the website and the game that it took me to was minecraft.

It said it will be a two hours to download. So i went to Skype and talk to my friends about getting minecraft for free. One of my friends said that there's a weird thing about minecraft. I think it was herobrine.

After two hours, the download was done. I started up the game, I went to single player. I saw a world that was created already. It was named " Don't play this world at all plz "

I clicked to load the world the icon that normally says, "loading world;" instead read " you should not play this world."

Once the world started, The color of the sky was all red. I notice that the minecraft people are trying to tell me something.

I made my house and up to that point everything was normal with the map. I went to a cave but it was so dark i couldn't even see. I typed in the chat bar /Gamemode 1, i give my self 64 glow stone.

Once i got out of the cave, i saw a portal in my house. I went to the portal. Instead of taking me to the nether like it normally would have, it spawned me in a hallway. I said " Oh my god... i'm the first one seeing this in the world!! "

I walk for 20 minutes and i saw sign that said " You know the minecraft secret! " For about a hour running. I saw dead Steve's. I was like " This is a fourth wall game " But then the dead steve's were running at me and trying to kill me.

The game crashed and gave me a virus. About 2 months i did the same thing and went to the same website and sign up and get minecraft again.

Once i went to single player and i saw no world named " don't play this world at all plz "

I try to tell everyone but no one believes me.