In the late 1980s there once was a girl named Lacy.... Lacy was always the quiet girl . She never was mean to anyone.. But everyone was mean to her... Poor, poor innocent Lacy.

One Halloween night, Lacy made a deal with the devil. Well, technically with a demon.

It was dark, and all Lacy had on to protect her arms was the long sleeves of her top. She decided to take the shortcut home, down a dark alley. It was dead silent and there was no street lights. She knew this was a stupid idea. Why did she go this way? It was like something was pulling her down the alley... Something was telling her to go down the alley.

Her eyes adjusted to the darkness .. She wasntt alone. As soon as she turned around to run away the figure approached her and she let out a scream.. The man told her to calm down and she did. Why wasntt she screaming like a banshee? What was this man? She scrambled backwards and grabbed a sharp metal object off of the ground and pointed it at him. "Don't make me use this.." She said hesitantly . The man simply laughed and his eyes glowed red. "My Lovely Lacy, how would you like to make a deal ?" She tilted her head to the side. A deal? "What kind of deal?" She finally stated. "How would you like to finally be happy at the expense of your soul?" She thought about it and finally decided.

Lacy made a deal with the devil.