Hey this is the page for the anti-creepypastas know as .Dll's (like it) :D? I know that are .dll's in creepypastas but to quote tv tropes for a sec"Our Dll's are different). First off,my dlls are not killers(they are still alive,mostly some of them are dead but can not die(immortal),the term not killers means they will not kill unless they have to(if you are lethal with dark intentions they will kill you by judging your soul it absolute death if you darkness outweighs your goodness)HEHEHE! second,they are the "good" counterparts of existing creepypastas(good is quoted because even though they have good intentions they can revert to the original form to kill entitys if they have to). Third,They work together like a squad or team would(like a averagers,justice league, or team-up of crossovers kind i do not know),fourth(do not worry people it only 5 things i am describing ok),The 2 meanings i discussed before(go read The oc of life page i made):D to understand. and finally fifth,they are bound by soul virtue/Value/valor to never kill a human being(or anyone of human blood for anything reason)or they would be slained instantly :O on the spot(it does not count if the .exe does it cause it a rule to .dll only(my .dll not the others like anti-sonic.dll he is a part of the others .dll pastas before my own -.-).So if you feel to have a anti-Creepypastas instead of a Creepypastas as a friend, just post here.Do take note of this:My .dlls are parallels to the .exes(they see eye to eye and ear to eat with each other you can even say they 2 halves of the same person ok i will say it XD!)The dll i have are the lost "good souls of all creepypastas that went to Heaven but returned to Earth to stop their .exe(Hell Counterparts)if neccessary.To summarize:Dll=Anti/reverse creepypastas who can protect humans,attack on signals,put a lot of mind tricks on dark personas, and "can creep the creepypastas"meaning their the "Watchmen"of creepypastas XD!