Hallway is free DLC that was released in 2012. Most players who were fans of Dark Souls downloaded it. Some downloads would corrupt and then if you re-downloaded it, that was when players noticed that the game would be different than it had been the first time.

The first notable difference is that some notice a dragon in the main menu of the game, though many people say it is only a myth. Once you access the main menu, you are given four options: Solo, Co-op, Extras, and Exit. If you select "Co-op," it will not work. If you happen to select "Exit," it starts you on Solo, but if you chose "Extra," it just exits the game.

Once you finally got started in the game you will see a man that has black hair, no eyes and with a back tie. If you pay 5 dollars to the man, he will say “Enjoy the game.” Many gamers have said the only thing you could do in the game was walk in the hallway or pay the man. As you walk through the hallways, you will see posters of the game and its villains.

After about 5 mins the map will restart at hallway where the man was. After doing this same thing 10 times the screen will turn black and red. Then the man will appear but with red eyes when before he had none. He will say “This is your reward.” This where players have reported seeing with their own eyes, the man in real life.

Though nothing ever harmed the players the DLC was blocked. It made a comeback in 2014 and players never reported a single thing about the man or the dragon in the in the main menu. Players had theories as to why the Dark Souls developers made a DLC about a hallway and the eyeless man with the black tie and hair.

Ever since then, everyone has had theories about the hallway DLC.