You're walking home, down Langston Drive. Trying to look past, your vicious crime. This isn't the first time. Oh, you've done it before. Caught another partner, just being a whore. Infidelity, just isn't right, so you took the two "partners", and drew out your knife. You gouged out their eyes, and sliced off their nose, took off all of their digits, except the big toes. You tied them up, big toes and all, and watched til' the ceiling would give in and fall. You took the cheater's head, and proceeded to cut up their face. A new layer to add to your own, and there's still more space. You think back to you're own marriage, the event that got you started. You took your spouse's face and skin, and fled that damned apartment. Every couple you come to see, reminds you of your spouse. That's why you break into each house, to let that anger out.


~ Kido The Playground Slasher